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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 23, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> korey >> meanwhile, on the internet next. >> bill: good morning, everybody. 9:00 in washington and a new era begins in our nation's capitol. president donald trump kicking off his full first week in the oval office with an from day on. we're hearing mr. trump will sign an executive order withdrawing the united states from a controversial trade agreement. that came up in the campaign on both sides. bernie sanders, donald trump, you remember it the trans-pacific partnership. we're back in new york and welcome everybody at home. we had a good trip to washington >> shannon: a little road trip. i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. a busy day for president trump. he sat down with business and congressional leaders. let's go straight to john
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roberts. he hit the ground blasting the media but they're moving on to important things on the president's agenda. >> sources at the white house tell me at 10:30 he will sign an executive order withdrawing the united states from the trans-pacific partnership. it lingered out there for a couple of years and talked about it frequently on the campaign trail during the not only the primary campaign but also the general election campaign. using it against hillary clinton. he was telling his supporters you just wait until she gets into office. she'll sign it. he will sign an executive order doing the exact opposite removing the united states from that. his first event at the east room yesterday donald trump signaling he plans some changes to nafta the north american free trade agreement signed by president bill clinton in 1993. donald trump yesterday saying that he plans to meet in the
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near future with mexico's president and canada's prime minister justin trudeau with the central subject being trade. >> bill: we'll start negotiating on nafta, immigration, security at the border and mexico has been terrific and the president has been really very amazing. i think we'll have a very good result from mexico, for the united states and for everybody involved. >> interesting to note how he said mexico has been amazing in all this and predicts a better outcome for everyone. at 10:30 this morning he signs an executive order indicating his intention to renegotiate nafta. right now in the roosevelt room at the white house the president is meeting with business leaders. it is a breakfast and listening session. he expects to get some ideas from them on what they need to grow the economy. later this afternoon he will be
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meeting with union leaders to do exactly the same thing. >> shannon: now let's get to the rest between the administration and some in the media. how bad has it gotten? >> well, over the weekend it was pretty bad, shannon. i don't think it could have gotten worse. it started on friday night when one of the pool reporters who was in the oval office as president trump was signing some executive orders seemed to notice that the bust of martin luther king was gone. he tweeted that out. it was completely in error. the bust was there. he didn't see it. sean spicer went off on the media against that and a big war with the media over estimates of the crowd size for the inauguration. president trump saturday taking the opportunity at the cia standing in front of the memorial wall the stars of the fallen to litigate that with the media. listen to what he said.
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>> we had -- it looked like a million half people. whatever it was, it was it went all the way back to the washington monument. >> he said where photographs seemed to indicate the crowd didn't go that far back. john brennan was angered and disappointed over what donald trump said saturday at the cia calling it an act of self-a grand eyesment. kellyanne conway called brennan a partisan hack. for the men and women of the cia. 400 gathered to address them didn't seem to mind at all and gave him two extended standing occasions. they appear to be on his side. >> shannon: it was a raucous crowd. john roberts at the white house. >> bill: we have a lot to cover today. good morning, byron. frame the first day based on the agenda, what does it say? >> i think the big theme of
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today is let's move on. this is donald trump being presidential, beginning to fulfill his campaign promises. first you have these meetings going on now with business leaders. later today with labor leaders. this shows a bipartisan effort focused on jobs. trump himself tweeted that there would be a heavy emphasis on jobs. then you have the executive order about the trans-pacific partnership. a campaign pledge of pulling out of big trade agreements. then you have later today a reception with bipartisan leaders on capitol hill. you have a whole day of donald trump being very, very presidential. we'll have pictures. he will be meeting people, sitting in the oval office, signing things and doing presidential stuff. i think that is the image they want to get out today. >> bill: we'll get a briefing at 1:30 with sean spicer. this is what president trump
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said yesterday upon the swearing in of his leading members of his white house team. watch here. >> we're not here to help ourselves. we're here to devote ourselves to the national good. public service is a high and great calling. it's our solemn duty together to protect the country, our country, this great, great country. to defend its workers and promote the well-being of all americans. >> bill: that theme there when he talks about the national good. that's echoes of the inaugural address on friday. >> it does indeed. he will push as part of that for more of his appointees to be confirmed to office to serve the united states. looks like mike pompeo, the cia director designate will get confirmed today or tonight. looks like -- this is a big one. the senate foreign relations
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committee will vote on rex tillerson. we know how that senators john mccain and lindsey graham, who had expressed a lot of doubt about tillerson, now say they'll vote for him. his confirmation in the full senate no matter what happens in the committee does look pretty assured. >> bill: he made that prediction with chris wallace on sunday. now with regard to the relationship with the media, this is going to be contentious at various points. we saw that on saturday. we know there is a divided nation out there. what are we learning about this march for women on saturday which you could interpret as a march for women or a march for an anti-trump administration? what do we know about who said what to whom about being where on which day? how it was organized and the fallout from that, byron. >> it was really, really big. i was at the inauguration. i was at the march. the march was a lot bigger, no doubt about it.
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president trump at first sort of ridiculed it a little bit saying that who are these people? did they vote or not? but then yesterday he actually did call peaceful protest a hallmark of our democracy so this was a really, really big group. bigger probably than organizers thought it would be. the big concern among those organizers is that they be able to create some sort of lasting movement to resist the trump administration. they were worried this is maybe one big venting of emotion. a lot of people are still quite emotional about hillary clinton losing and donald trump winning. how to turn that into some sort of lasting movement is still a really open question. >> bill: there will be vocal opposition. the question as you point out how big is it and how long is it able to sustain itself. thank you, byron. now, shannon. >> shannon: we're awaiting two big votes today on national security. the senate set to decide whether or not the confirm mike
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pompeo for cia director and rex tillerson for secretary of state. democrats are being accused of using delay tactics. we'll discuss that with our political panel just ahead. a devastating scene this morning in the southeast after tornadoes and severe storms slammed the region killing more than a dozen people. georgia it looks like right now the hardest hit. the fast moving storms catching many people completely offguard. >> all i can tell you i was laying in bed and felt like i was in a blender. it went through about 3:30. we was frozen. we couldn't move. around 1:00, then my roommate, he grabbed a little girl to him and we had to leave. >> shannon: live in southwest georgia we're there with the latest. jonathan. tell us about the damage where you are? >> i'm in a rural portion of
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cook county outside the town of adell, georgia. this used to be a family home. the mobile home was carried off its cement block foundation and then tossed over to the left here into this farm. you can see what used to be the kitchen area of the mobile home and then extensive damage to this farm. twisted metal, shards scattered everywhere. as we pan to the left you can see horses who were uninjured by the storm continuing to graze as if it were business as usual. then as we pan over here we see another family home. the car completely -- all of the windows destroyed and then once again another mobile home ripped from its foundation and then just a matter of feet behind this home is another mobile home standing completely intact. it managed to escape the tornado's wrath. throughout the morning we've been seeing police knocking on
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doors checking on residents. also a local church has set up a shelter for people who lost their homes. they are collecting donations. so you have neighbors helping neighbors and you also have a coordinated response from the state and federal government. governor nathan deal has declared a state of emergency in seven georgia counties, including cook county, where i'm standing right now. and shannon, although it is rare to get tornadoes in january, it is not unheard of and the weather leading up to this storm system was unseasonably warm. there were days that we were experiencing temperatures in the mid 70s. shannon, back to you. >> bill: you wonder how much warning they got? not a lot with 18 dead. >> shannon: with that kind of level of damage. and you always see one home fine, the next one not. it's random. >> bill: tough stuff. at the white house donald trump is meeting with business leaders making headlines now.
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also this administration drawing a line in the sand with reporters. watch. >> we are going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on sunday. >> bill: reince priebus, what to make about the battle. mike huckabee will break that down in analysis here. >> shannon: president trump made rebuilding our military a top priority. how does it actually get done? house armed services committee chairman max thorn berry will share his plan. plus this. >> bill: you can thank this officer. heroic actions caught on camera. a rescue from the eyes of those who rescued the people inside of this vehicle.
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>> for many decades we've enriched foreign industry at the expense of american industry. subsidized the armies of other countries while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military. >> shannon: president trump has made rebuilding our military a top priority. our next guest is putting together an action plan in congress to increase spending
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for national defense. texas congressman mac thornberry chairs the armed services committee. welcome. i want the refer to a piece you wrote outlining how much trouble we're in. the marine corp is getting spare parts from museums and the readiness of the army is not at a level appropriate for what the american people would expect to defend them. how do we turn it around? >> i think it's important for people to know two things have happened during the obama years. the world has grown more dangerous and our own military has grown smaller and weaker. and we have to turn it around. part of the way we turn it around is to reform the pentagon and we've been working to buy weapons smarter, to reduce bureaucracies and streamline decision making. but the only way that we can add soldiers to the army, put more ships in the navy, replace old airplanes with new airplanes, is to spend more money. and so i'm very encouraged the
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trump administration says they will come to us with a supplemental spending request for defense in the first 100 days and then what i've tried to do in the article on fox is to lay out next year's budget and how we can start to really make up some of this ground that we've lost. >> shannon: our fox viewers will be familiar with the concept of see questions traition that hit the military getting baseline figures to get things funded and from 2010 to 2014 the military spending was cut 21% and the threats didn't go down 21% during that time. when you talk about asking for more money i want to play something from senator lindsey graham talking about how we figure out where we'll spend the money to its best advantage. >> i will build up the military because we're in danger, but i will not do it at the expense of the cia, the f.b.i. and the state department's budget. if you take soft power off the
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table then you have two options left. use military power exclusively or retreat. i cannot stress to you how important it is that we have more tools in the tool box than just military power and retreat. >> shannon: $20 trillion in debt nearly. the military needs funding but everybody needs funding for something. how in the world do you do this? you talked about cutting acquisition and graft and waste at the pentagon. can you do it in a way that makes a significant enough difference to get funding you need without hurting other interests that senator graham talks about? >> lindsey is right when he says security is important across the board. but when i say that the military budget was cut 21% from 2010 to 2014, that includes the intelligence community. they were cut, too. and so part of what we have to do is think why do we have a
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federal government? i think the first job of the federal government is to defend the country. and most people don't realize that if you add all the military intelligence funding together it is still only 16% of the federal budget. so we need to make sure we spend that money smarter, absolutely. but there is no substitute for building ships, replacing old airplanes, putting more people in the army because that's the first job of the federal government and that's what we have to focus on. >> shannon: your estimate is we need $640 billion next year and congress needs to pass immediately funding for fiscal year 2017 national defense. why has that not happened? >> congress and the obama administration didn't finish their work. even right now in the year we're in we're on this temporary spending bill that means that money is not spent efficiently. we need to finish this year's
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work, take the requests coming from the trump administration on how to start to turn things around, but then put our real effort into next year's funding and we've been working on that for about a year. not just to pick a number out of the air but look specifically at where we need more money to -- for example, we're short of some critical munitions. we need to fund those areas. the details of that is what i laid out in my fox editorial. >> shannon: what is your sense of how the military community is feeling about a president trump and how he will impact their day-to-day reality, how they operate on issues like this? >> i think they're hopeful. they're hopeful they will not be a political pawn like they have been for the last eight years. remember that president obama's position was he wouldn't spend another dime on the military unless we spent an equal amount for domestic spending. the military is looking forward
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to standing on their own, looking at military needs, security needs on their own. and the rest of the story is i think they are looking forward to getting back to that fundamental truth that we've lost recently, which is the best way to keep the peace, the best way to keep americans safe, is for a strong united states military. >> shannon: chairman, the republicans control both houses of congress. you have a president in the white house. how much pressure is there on you to get things moving and get them done? on some of these votes in the senate where you need 60 to move certain things. do you worry the american people will point the finger at you if some of it doesn't get done in the first two years with the houses and white house? >> absolutely. i think it is urgent. in other words, as you pointed out, the world is not getting any safer. we see what russia, china, iran, north korea, we see the cyberattacks, terrorism is mult
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the mrieg to more countries than before. so we don't have the luxury of sitting around twiddling our thumbs and saying we'll fix the military someday but not now. we need to take action now for the military, the intelligence community, the f.b.i. absolutely because they help keep us safe at home. the focus has to be keeping americans safe and we do that by being strong. we cut too much over the obama years. we've got to turn it around now. >> shannon: we will watch the capitol hill battle over the funding as you move forward. thank you, sir. >> thank you, ma'am. >> bill: at the white house you're about to see the pool group goes into a meeting room with the president where he is meeting with business leaders from across the country. dell technologies, ford motor company and many others. you're about to see the beginning of this tape play out that runs nine minutes.
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apparently president trump said numerous things here including the factory construction and development in america will be expedited. he wants to cut regulations and he believes he can cut regulations by as many as 75%. again, all this is a business-driven agenda to try and improve the economy. he is going to talk about tax cuts for the middle class and apparently he said they will be massive tax cuts for businesses and the middle class so let's go inside the room right now as we watch this together. and apparently according to john roberts one of the first executive orders signed today to begin the process of withdrawing from the trans-pacific partnership, the tpp debated so hotly during the campaign. so here we go. president trump on the first official full day, day one in the white house, and his first meeting with leaders. >> plants coming back, i wanted
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to sit next to them. [laughter] thank you very much, everybody. this is really our first official meeting and andrew, it is nice to have you set everything up so well and i hear your company is doing well. and i really do, appreciate, we'll get to know each other very well. we'll have these meetings whenever you need them but i would say every quarter perhaps. you could say monthly but then all of a sudden monthly becomes repetitive. sounds good and you have to do it and it gets a little repetitive. i would say probably on a quarterly basis. you are great people. you have done an amazing job and the biggest in the world and this is a worldwide meeting. and what we want to do is bring manufacturing back to our country. vice president pence, good morning, is very much involved with me on that. it's one of my most important subjects. it is what the people wanted.
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it is one of the reasons i'm sitting here instead of somebody else sitting here. i think it's something i'm good at. we've already had a big impact and i want to thank mark and ford because you have been great. i think maryland will be terrific. that's lockheed martin and i think we're going to have a tremendous amount of business coming back. if you read today's paper you'll see what's happening with four or five different companies announced they feel much drive recently. fox com will spend a tremendous amount of money on building a massive plant and probably more than one. so that's what we want. we want people -- we want to start making our products again and we don't want to bring them in but make them here. and that doesn't mean we don't trade, because we do trade. but we want to make our products here. and if you look at some of the
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original great people that ran this country, you will see that they felt very strongly about that. we'll make products and we'll start making our products again and there will be advantages to companies that do indeed make their products here. we've seen it. it is going to get -- it will be a way -- you watch, it will be a wave. by the time you put them on the massive ships and fly them, i think it will be cheaper. what we're doing is going to be cutting taxes massively for both the middle class and for companies. and that's massively. we're trying to get it down to anywhere from 15 to 20% and it is now 35%. but it is probably more, 38% than it is 35, wouldn't you say? that's a big thing. a bigger thing and that surprises me is the fact that we'll be cutting regulation
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massively. we'll have regulation and it will be just as strong and just as good and just as protective of the people as the regulation we have right now. the problem with the regulation that we have right now is you can't do anything. i have people that tell me they have more people working on regulations than they have doing product and it is out of control. it has gotten out of control. i'm a very big person when it comes to the environment. i have received awards on the environment. but some of that stuff makes it impossible to get anything built. it takes years and years. you can look at some examples i read one recently where a man has been trying to build a factory for many, many years and his vote was going to be fairly soon and he gave up because he wasn't going to win the vote. spent millions of dollars, actually ruined his life and we can't have this. so when somebody wants to put
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up a factory it will be expedited. and you have to go through the process but it will be expedited and we'll take care of the environment and take care of safety and all of the other things we have to take care of but you'll get such great service. there will be no country that is going to be faster, better, more fair and at the same time protecting the people of this country whether it's safety or so many other reasons. we think we can cut regulations by 75%. maybe more. but by 75%. have better protections but when you want to expand your plant or when mark wants to come in and build a big massive plant or when dell wants to come in and do something monstrous and special, you'll have your approvals really fast. and the one thing that surprised me that i want to hear what you have to say, the
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one thing that surprised me going around and meeting with a lot of the people at this table and meeting with a lot of the small business owners, if i gave them a choice of this massive tax decrease that we're giving for business -- for everybody, but for business, or the cutting down of regulation, if i took a vote i think the regulation wins 100%. now, in one case it's hard dollars and the other case it's regulation. you would think that the regulations would have no chance. it is -- i've never seen anything like it. virtually everybody is happier with regulation than even cutting the taxes. so the regulations will be cut massively and the taxes are going to be cut way down so you'll have now incentive to build. the one thing i do have to warn you about, when you have a company here, you have a plant here, it is going to be in indiana or it's in ohio or it's
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in michigan or it's in north carolina or pennsylvania, anywhere in this country, when it decides -- when you decide, if you decide to close it and you no longer will have a real reason because your taxes will be lower -- by the way, if you go to another state, that's it. that's great. if you can go from ohio to indiana or from indiana to ohio, that's fine. so you have 50 great wonderful governors to negotiate with. it's not like we're taking away competition. but if you go to another country and you decide that you are going to close and get rid of 2,000 people or 5,000 people, i tell you, united technologies was an example with carrier and i got involved two years after they announced. it was tough. united technologies was terrific and brought back many of those jobs. but if that happens, we are going to be imposing a major
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border tax on the product when it comes in, which is fair. so a company that wants to fire all of its people in the united states and build some factory someplace else and then thinks that product is going to just flow across the border into the united states, that's not going to happen. they'll have a border tax, substantial border tax. now, some people would say that's not free trade but we don't have free trade now. we're the only one that makes it easy to come into the country. if you look at china, if you look at many other countries, i don't have to name them but many other countries, they can't believe what we do. so we take in things free and yet if you want to take a plant or you want to do something, you want to sell something into china and other countries it's very, very hard. and in some cases it's impossible. they won't even take your product. when they do take your product
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they charge a lot of tax. so i don't call that free trade. what we want is fair trade. fair trade. we'll treat countries fairly but they have to treat us fairly. if they charge tax to our country. if as an example we sell a car into japan and they do things to us that make it impossible to sell cars in japan, and yet they sell cars to us and they come in like by the hundreds of thousands on the biggest ships i've ever seen, we have to all talk about that. it's not fair. it's not fair. never was. i just can't believe it took so long for somebody to come along. so that's the only thing i will tell you. essentially i'm talking about no tax because if you stay here there is no tax. some say trump is going to tax. i'm not going to tax. there is no tax, none whatsoever. i just want to tell you all you have to do is stay. don't leave, don't fire your people in the united states. we have the greatest people and
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many other countries have great people. we all have great people. that isn't that kind of a competition. everybody has great people but if we are going to fire people and build a product outside, not going to happen. thank you. so with that we'll take some questions, marilyn, do you want to start? got to know her very well. been in negotiations. >> bill: just want to hang onto the end of this from the white house there. watching it in the monitor here. there is president trump first comments and it is clear from what he has just said with these american business leaders there we want to make our products here. he described it is going to be a wave once things get rolling here. i have more people working on regulations than working on product. if someone wants to put up a factory it will be expedited. cut regulations by 75% and on and on and on. mike huckabee listening here,
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former governor of arkansas. good morning to you. this is president trump, this is the businessman that the people elected. what was your impression right there of what he was laying out? >> it's refreshing to have a president who understands what business people are going through. cut through the red tape, just get through the maze of regulation. most big companies can ultimately do it even though it's very expensive because they have a whole building full of accountants and lawyers that help them go through it. if you're a small business owner as i am, just hiring somebody, the amount of money that you spend just finding out what it is going to cost to hire the person and do everything right is half of their salary per year and it is just so a lot of people just don't even try to grow business. when businesses can't grow and when the government makes it so that it's more advantageous to shrink than grow your business the economy is in trouble. trump understands that. that's refreshing.
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>> bill: the leaders from all these big companies, they are there. and now apparently there will be an executive order later today to start the process of withdrawing from the trans-pacific partnership. we'll watch for reaction here and also the reaction overseas. now in a move to another topic. i want the play a little bit of chris wallace's interview with reince priebus. the back and forth between the white house and press corp and how it will go. >> are you saying there is a conspiracy here? >> it's an obsession by the media to delegit maze this president. we aren't going to sit around and let it happen. we'll fight back tooth and nail ery day and twice on sunday. >> bill: he came prep all of that and later ryan fallon said this on cnn.
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>> i really am concerned that if yesterday's briefing is any indication this is somebody who is going to put his standing with his boss ahead of his integrity and his standing with the press corp and those are things that are dangerous territory. if he was put in the situation by reince priebus or his boss donald trump to go out and tell a lie to the american people he should have resigned rather than go out and take the podium. >> bill: this is just the beginning. go ahead and characterize how this relationship is going to unfold over the next four years, governor. >> i think it will be a fun show to watch. the truth is donald trump is speaking directly to the american people instead of going through the filter of the press. they hate that. they can't stand it. he has delegitimized the press and taken away their exclusive ability to talk to the american people and they're going crazy. here is a news flash to them. you had a report the other day that he had taken the bust of martin luther king junior out
6:38 am
of the white house. hasn't happened. it gets reported. so when people talk about fake news, the american people understand that it's the mainstream media that has lost their credibility, not donald trump. and they can scream and they can yell and kick all they want to but i think donald trump has a responsibility to try to speak directly to the american people and of course the press has every right to say what they wish. >> bill: this will be an unfolding story perhaps on a daily basis. let's see how sean spicer addresses it later today. when reince priebus they'll fight back every day. >> shannon: from reince priebus and also donald trump. he is a -- the way he deals with people when they don't tell the story accurately. i think we'll see trump saying if i can't depend on you to deliver the paper to the front
6:39 am
step, i'll deliver it myself and if the press can't get used to that, they will be marginalized. i know that will be very frustrating to them but they need to either operate with some integrity or just realize they are going to be sidelined. >> bill: that might be an understatement. thank you governor. mike huckabee there in florida. thank you, sir. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. one person killed, several others hurt after a jewelry store robbery turned deadly in san antonio. police say a good samaritan who tried to stop the robbers was shot and killed. >> it is absolutely senseless. absolutely senseless. this is the second time that a good samaritan was killed trying to intervene in a crime to help the victim. it's absolutely senseless. >> shannon: we're live in denver with the latest. >> san antonio police say two
6:40 am
people tried to intervene. one had a gun and managed to shoot one of the suspects but the other one, a good samaritan by the name of jonathan murphy, he also tried to help and as you mentioned he was killed. now, late sunday police say as two armed robbers hit a jewelry store at the rolling oaks mall they were confronted by murphy and another guy on their way out. san antonio law enforcement says one suspect shot and killed murphy but the other who police say was carrying a licensed concealed handgun shot and wounded one of the robbers. two other people were hurt when the other gunman began shooting as he took off. police later caught up with him. >> i heard two pops and then i see customers running. at that point i heard the gunshots close and closer to the doors of the food court by our department and i just turned around and started telling the customers run, run, gunshots, run. >> cops say the two suspects, one who is in critical condition in a hospital at last
6:41 am
report face preliminary charges of capital murder and aggravated assault. >> bill: first full week of the trump administration underway. president trump was telling business leaders what he believes the economy should be. what's the hold up for his cabinet picks? are the democrats playing politics? have a look at this this morning. >> shannon: a dramatic rescue. you're seeing it through the eyes of first responders. >> you are good. >> he is going to get tired of me in his life. he will know me forever now. ♪
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>> shannon: a washington state police officers heroic actions caught on video. check this out. he pulled a woman from a
6:45 am
burning car. >> i can't get out. there is no power or anything. >> let's move it. come on. come on. come on. come on. >> let's go. >> move, move, move. >> shannon: power doors and windows, she couldn't get out. the officer broke out the driver's side window and pulling her out as flames were engulfing the car. she hit an ice patch and her car shut off and the locks would not open. she was treated and released in
6:46 am
the hospital. the officer being credited for saving her life. he kept fighting to get her out. >> bill: gripping stuff to watch and hear the sounds in the background, wow. 15 minutes out before the hour. did you hear this from sunday? >> why hold up mike pompeo's nomination for a weekend? it seemed as if he is going to get confirmed tomorrow, why be that -- it does look politically petty? >> i suggested to the vice president on wednesday that have brennan stay. he is devoted to the agency. there are serious questions about mike pompeo. >> will it get voted on tomorrow? >> it will get voted on tomorrow and in all likelihood he will pass. >> in all honesty it seems like a petty delay tactic. >> bill: the back and forth democrats of using delay tactics. president trump awaiting
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confirmation of several key cabinet members including mike pompeo. we are talking to fox news contributors. there are serious questions about mike pompeo? i heard democrats flatter him with praise when he was nominated. i don't know what the questions are, marianne other than how did you finish first in your class at west point? are we seeing a slow walk? >> i think there are real questions that came up during the hearing on water boarding where he said he opposes water boarding but then when he submitted written answers to that question he said he would consult with some people. so i think trump only has to blame himself for these delays because donald trump has said some very controversial things about the c.i.a., very controversial appearance over the weekend and this is the only opportunity we have to get his nominees on the record and there have been a lot of
6:48 am
discrepancies not only the donald trump but mike pompeo. >> bill: mitch mcconnell comparing day to eight years ago. >> what has been unfortunate is all i ask of my colleague senator schumer was to treat president trump the same way we treated president obama. we weren't happy with any of his nominees either but he got seven on the first day, we got two. >> bill: now in 2017, katie, you've got two. what is going on? >> things are a little different. of course it's politics. chuck schumer to suggest that john brennan should stay as the c.i.a. director is ridiculous that he is not donald trump's choice to head up the c.i.a. they serve as a vital part of national security and interest and democrats for political purposes with no excuses that hold any kind of water are denying the american people the
6:49 am
government that they voted for, denying the american people the nominee that the president of the united states put up for this position. there are no excuses. mike pompeo is a graduate of west point. he went to harvard law school. he is a congressman. he was overqualified for the position and for democrats to say that maybe he is somehow masking some right wing agenda and therefore chuck schumer has to take a stand and delay the nomination for the sake of making sure there is no secret agenda that's been hidden is ridiculous and puts americans in harm's way. >> bill: what it appears, mary ann, when you don't have the power this is the only dissent you can express. and that seems to be pretty obvious right now. >> i think there is a big distinction here. when you take all the nominations together, the delay has been they didn't finish their job applications. obama's nominees to a person filled out every single document, provided all their taxes, finances and everything else and in some cases some
6:50 am
nominees had to be withdrawn because of problems that came up during the nomination. that's the process. mike pompeo's case, there are very serious questions about the c.i.a. that donald trump has generated by his own comments and again on saturday what he said. he just made mike pompeo's nomination much tougher today and get much tougher questions because what happened on saturday. >> bill: they're all going through anyway, katie, it is a question of when. >> mostly all of them will go through as they should and they should have been done a week ago before president trump took office. we have had the names for these nominees early on. president trump had all of his nominations just on track with previous administrations as we've noted in the numbers, president obama despite republicans being opposed to his nominees had seven when he took office. trump is getting two and the excuses are pathetic and ridiculous.
6:51 am
>> bill: much more to talk about. a lot on our plate today. thank you, mary ann, thank you, katie, talk again. >> shannon: immigration reform a key part of his campaign message. some of his border security plans are starting to take shape. that's next.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> number 4, blocked funding for sanctuary cities. no more block funding. we'll end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars. >> shannon: mr. trump says he has a 10-point plan to solve the immigration crisis and go after sanctuary cities that shelter those who come here
6:55 am
illegally. william lodgeness is live with more. >> this is where the actual first fence was ever built on the mexican borddn't look like with the wire top and bottom. what the president can do by executive order and others require okay from congress. other things can happen here at the border. number one he promised to end catch and release. if you're caught, you're deported. secondly the wall. he could also tell the army corp of engineers to start the wall and more fencing there and you have a road in between. that's very effective. thirdly, if you look at the apprehensions down on the rio grande valley about half of the people caught on the border right now are in that little spot in texas. many of those, about half, are asylum seekers women, children, families looking for asylum.
6:56 am
people have recommended the president put in the deportation stations and not given a day in court five years from now but be processed right there. >> they can be swiftly returned. when that starts happening people will get the idea it's not so easy to show up here and claim asylum. >> as for interior enforcement the president could cancel president obama's protections for illegal immigrant children and parents. secondly, he could also end priority enforcement program. that has meant only putting violent offenders into deportation proceedings, not everyone else. finally, sanctuary cities he could revoke or suspend the law enforcement grant money that goes to sanctuary cities and he has a full thing on his plate. >> shannon: he does. some cities threatening to sue if he takes some of those actions. thank you so much. >> bill: we heard from
6:57 am
president trump this hour during his first official meeting with business leaders promising tax cuts and a cut in regulations. how big a cuts? we'll hear what he had to say. on the hill the replacement for obamacare set to be unveiled. coming up. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
6:58 am
6:59 am
heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> shannon: the president starting his first full week in office with a jam-packed day. up first a meeting of business leaders from across the nation as he looks to kick start the economy. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. we had a good time in washington last week. >> shannon: i did. >> bill: we love your shoes today, shannon. we want to make sure we make mention of them. >> shannon: a splash of color. >> bill: last hour the president promising to cut taxes and regulations. he said a lot in the nine-minute read-out, level the playing field for international trade. >> we want to start making our
7:01 am
products again. we don't want to bring them in, we want to make them here. we do trade, but we want to make our products here. and if you look at some of the original great people that ran this country, you will see that they felt very strongly about that. we'll make our products again and there will be advantages to companies that do indeed make their products here. so we've seen it. it is going to get -- it will be a wave. >> bill: business leaders from all over the country in that meeting. it is still going on based on what we understand and two key cabinet nominees may get confirmed later today. the senate meeting today on mike pompeo's nomination to run the c.i.a. rex tillerson faces a vote on the panel to be the next secretary of state. mike emanuel starting early and ending late today. good morning on the hill. democrats are being accused of
7:02 am
a delay. is there any concern that they can derail any of these nominees? where does that stand today, mike? >> good morning. no. basically unless there is some last minute shocking revelation about some member that has been nominated for the trump cabinet with senators john mccain and lindsey graham saying they'll support rex tillerson he seems to be on the path and mitch mcconnell sounds quite confident. >> i believe we can confirm the president's entire cabinet. there is great enthusiasm. >> even rex tillerson? >> i'm optimistic we'll get every member of the cabinet. >> if they needed 60 votes it would be a different story. since harry reid changed the rules -- >> bill: what is the explanation for this delay, mike? >> it's basically their only play and senate republicans will tell you they think the
7:03 am
new senate democratic leader chuck schumer doesn't want to lose his most liberal senators. here is schumer's explanation. >> let me talk about the cabinet. it is a cabinet unlike any other we've seen on two bases. we call it the swamp cabinet. billionaires and bankers. and it's very simple. there are more people with huge financial holdings which they have to divest under law so they don't have conflicts of interest. >> while burning the clock it keeps the senate from doing other things. other indications mike pompeo will be confirmed to be the next c.i.a. director and we expect that vote for tillerson in the foreign relations committee. >> bill: we'll wait for that. >> shannon: joining us now for more on that and other things steve hayes is a fox news contributor. good to see you, steve. you have an incredible back story you've written about
7:04 am
about why representative pompeo did not get that vote that many expected he would to become the c.i.a. director on day one. it is a fascinating read. >> thanks. we just posted this at the weekly the story starts before any confirmation hearings were held when there were a series of discussions between republican leaders, mitch mcconnell, senate intelligence committee chairman richard burr and vice president mike pence with chuck schumer in the senate. what these republicans have said and other sources have said was that schumer reached an agreement where if republicans agreed to push back pompeo's confirmation one day so that it didn't fall on a day when there were five other confirmation hearings, that pompeo would then be included in the group of national security officials who were confirmed by voice vote on inauguration day. and these three officials all believe that they had that agreement with chuck schumer
7:05 am
and then ron widen last thursday said he would delay. chuck schumer did nothing to stop them and there was an angry confrontation on the senate floor and off the senate floor between tom cotton, the senator from arkansas who is close to pompeo and chuck schumer and a number of other senators. >> shannon: i understand it got pretty heated there and schumer made comments to the effect of i don't control my entire caucus. maybe the deal was only with him. there was a lot of explaining about what happened and about what happened with ron widen. senator cotton, a veteran, said something to the effect of like this didn't happen eight years ago with president obama. this was done and schumer said something about you are not here eight years ago he said because i was getting my blank shot at in afghanistan. between the senate colleagues they got really heated. >> pretty tough exchange there. not common for the kinds of exchanges that you see in this usually genteel body. chuck schumer had said to tom
7:06 am
cotton in what i think some people who witnessed this exchange took as a patronizing way to senator cotton, if you had been here eight years ago you would have known that barack obama didn't get his c.i.a. director confirmed on inauguration day and that's when cotton said well, i was in afghanistan eight years ago. not taking gruff from schumer. the real question here is what damage does this do to the working relationship between senior republican senators and chuck schumer? this was a real breach of trust in senate leadership and it will make republicans think twice when they have to do these kinds of deals with chuck schumer in the future. >> shannon: he has already signaled now the senate minority leader on the supreme court this weekend saying he'll hold that seat open. they are still upset about president obama's nominee not getting a chance for hearings or vote. he said he will hold it open
7:07 am
unless there is bipartisan agreement and the person is considered mainstream by his definition. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was asked how far he would go with regard to that seat and here is what he said. >> will you extend the nuclear option to supreme court nominees? >> i'm confident we'll get the supreme court nominee confirmed. the nominee will be confirmed is the short answer. >> would you consider extending the nuclear option and saying even for supreme court justices just a simple minority? >> the nominee will be confirmed. >> shannon: they aren't taking the bait on the nuclear option. that's another big fight brewing in the senate. >> not taking it off the table. it seems as if schumer is trying to push republicans to that outcome. chuck schumer is in a very difficult spot here. on the one hand he has a number of senate democrats who are up for reelection in 2018 in
7:08 am
states that donald trump did well in and then he has a left wing of the caucus that includes people like elizabeth warren and cory booker who have their eyes on running for president in 2020. there is a wide gap between those poles of his own conference. i think keeping them happy is going to be very difficult if you are chuck schumer. >> shannon: we know the 2020 race has already begun. steve hayes, good to see you this monday. >> bill: watch this now. two senators introducing a bill to replace obamacare today as president trump pushes to repeal the affordable care act. in about 20 minutes we'll talk to senator bill cassidy writing the new patient freedom act. he is live coming up in a moment and then he unveils his plan at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. stay tuned for more on that. a phone call between president trump and russian president vladimir putin said to be in the works. a kremlin spokesman saying moscow and washington are trying to hammer out details.
7:09 am
foreign policy goals could be a hot topic during that call and you can expect that. amy kellogg is live in moscow for more on this story. amy, hello. >> hi, bill. in the meantime a lot of russians are enthusiastic about the possibility of relations with the united states. vastly improving in the near future based on things that president trump has said until now. but there is also a more cynical side to all of this. a smug sense among some, bill, that they think russia can now start calling the shots. in fact, one moscow councilman put out a tweet the other day saying that's it, trump is president, america is ours. now, russians in the meantime are hoping that trump will be a pragmatist as opposed to a ideologue. today russia's foreign minister said the two countries see many
7:10 am
things eye-to-eye. >> donald trump is pursuing the united states's vital interest rather than attempts to interfere in other country's business. russia carries out its foreign policy according to the same principles. >> putin spokesmen cautioned too much euphoria. this political analyst said there is no guarantee that things will work out. >> there is no certain that he will succeed but at least the posture of months tour will be conducive. since it takes two to tango, the position of moscow towards obama administration was quite confrontational. position towards trump administration will be more flexible. >> we don't know exactly when that phone call, bill, is going to happen. we expect it will happen any day now. as for the first possible meeting or summit between trump
7:11 am
and putin, well, that's not likely to happen for several months most people are saying now. >> bill: we'll watch that. amy kellogg live from the russian capital today. >> shannon: the trump team is in a war of words with reporters as white house chief of staff reince priebus puts them on notice. >> i'm saying there is an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president and we are not going to sit around and let it happen. we are going the fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on sunday. >> shannon: will reporters treat president trump fairly? >> bill: dramatic rescue. two women in danger of drowning off the coast of california. how it all ended for both of them. >> i jumped in and i don't know, i just -- i got her and i threw her over my shoulder and i tried to carry her in and we got washed out again a little
7:12 am
bit. and then it kind of went back a little bit. that's me.
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ask about nuedexta and go to at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >> there has been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable as well. the american people deserve better. >> shannon: white house press second sean spicer battling
7:16 am
with reporters. reince priebus taking aim at the inauguration coverage and then making a larger point about the media. >> it's really not about crowd size. what it's about is honesty in the media. however, the media from day one has been talking about delegitimizing the election, talking about the russians and everything you can imagine except the fact that we need to move this country forward. >> shannon: let's bring in john sununu. i'm good. i have to ask you about this. there are a lot of people who either support or critics of mr. trump and the administration. both sides seem to say why did they pick some of these fights this weekend? are they trying to set the tone they aren't going the take any garbage or are they throwing gasoline on the fire unnecessarily? >> look, it should be no surprise that the liberal press is going to be unfair to a republican president in the
7:17 am
white house. that's a given. the question is what strategy does this particular white house choose to deal with it? i think they've got -- they don't quite yet understand, i think, that the hyperbole the president used in the campaign and in the transition, when it creates a gap between the press's perception of reality, it gives his enemies an opportunity to attack him. everything in the white house gets magnified, amplified whether it's a staff spat, whether it's a difference over the size of a crowd. the best example i can give you is when i was chief of staff in the white house when george h.w. bush said he didn't like broccoli, it became a two-day news story on the front pages. they have to understand that that's going to happen and if they want to waste their energy on that, that's a strategic decision they have to make. but i suggest to them that they ought to use their capital, the political capital and energy dealing with differences on
7:18 am
issues and policy. >> shannon: i want to play a little of the interchange we could call it between chuck todd and kellyanne conway where she talks about this particular relationship. here is a bit of that. >> it's a small thing but the first time he confronts the public it's a falsehood? >> chuck, if we're going to keep referring to our press secretary in those types of terms we'll have to rethink our relationship here. i want to have a great, open relationship with our press. >> shannon: you know, it seems the trump administration feels emboldened by the people who elected him. they like to see it. they're tired of the mainstream media. they like the punching back. they enjoy and feel like they have a fighter who is a voice for them now. how does this administration channel that, use what propelled them to the white house in a way that is constructive? can they find that balance? >> i think they can find a balance but it is going to be, i think, a different balance
7:19 am
than they perceive strategically constructive now. i think they will find that less is more when they are doing that in the white house and as i said earlier, they ought to be focusing their energy and the expenditure of political capital in their public communications to target issues, to target policies, to target things like getting their cabinet offices approved, to target issues like foreign policy. if they waste it on spats, the public is going to get immune to the message they're trying to convey. >> shannon: do you think this will be a little good cop/bad cop. president trump's remarks with congenial and this is the side of him i want to see saying i'm here for the people. that's all i'll do is serve them. we saw him in the meeting with business leaders this morning very much in his element, very positive talking about the things he is going to do. fighting for american jobs and the people. do you think he may adopt more of that role and let his press
7:20 am
operation go out and be the bad cop? >> good cop/bad cop is a good strategy. when time put me on the cover it said i was push's bad cop. i think good cop/good cop is a good strategy. >> shannon: it worked well for you, sir. thanks for being with us today. >> bill: explosive words from that march over the weekend in washington >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> bill: would dialogue have been better than a diatribe? we will debate that in a moment on this monday morning. >> shannon: also united airlines cleared for take-off. the reason behind some major delays and cancellations. >> i've had a really hard travel couple of days.
7:21 am
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cheapest hotel is $89. >> the problem was a communication issue with the aircrafts. the airlines made the example that pilots weren't getting information about the weight and the load that they were hauling and that's why the ground stop went into effect. techs worked out the problem in 2 1/2 hours and the ground stop was lifted. you have residual effect with people getting on flights. for the most part it's back to business as usual. >> bill: does united expect a hacking or what caused this thing, mike? >> the only information we have right now is a statement from united airlines that it did not have to do with hacking. there is some indication it had to do with bandwidth but for the most part it was a communication issue. the pilots couldn't get all the information that may have otherwise been available to them and the airlines acted out of an abundance of caution.
7:26 am
>> bill: better flights ahead in the skies. thank you. >> shannon: president tumble -- president trump looking -- the patient freedom act and the senator will join us live about how it works. plus this. >> the third down conversion, right into the end zone and it's a new england touchdown right back to hogan again. >> tom brady slicing up pittsburgh's defense taking the patriots back to the super bowl. it is set in houston. what's next for new england? matt ryan, the atlanta falcons? who has the edge for the super bowl? jim gray is living coming up on that. >> my mom is excited. >> one more, one more baby!
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> they will not be without coverage. lots of folks got caught in that trap and that gap and he wants to make sure that through his plan you can buy insurance across state lines, you have a health saving account. >> bill: there is a lot in that statement there. kellyanne conway talking about plans to repeal and replace obamacare and we're minutes away from seeing the first plan come forward. two senators set to introduce a plan to return power to the states, improve patient choice and keeping some of the popular features of obamacare. this is what we have. judge napolitano will tell us what's in it in moments. the co-sponsor of the patient freedom act of 2017, senator bill cassidy out of louisiana. medical doctor, senator, thank you for your time today. let's get right to it.
7:31 am
a big part of your plan are health savings accounts. these are tax-free accounts that would do what for the american patient? >> we use tax credits to pre-fund these. at that point the person would use the account to pay for services. under obamacare if your daughter had an earache and you take her to an urgent care center you have a $6,000 deductible and it comes out of your hide. with these you pre-fund the hsa. take your daughter to the urgent care center and you have. by the way, we also mandate price transparency. if you have two urgent care centers right next to each other and one is $150 a visit and the other is $75 you know that so you can be a wise purchasers. >> bill: numerous questions and i want to keep it as understandable as possible. in your experience, why do these savings accounts -- why
7:32 am
are you pushing so hard for them? why do you think they're effective? >> you're spending your own money as opposed to someone else's. when you spend your own money, you are a wise purchasers. when you spend someone else's, not so much. it is like when my daughter goes to the mall with my credit card or when i go to the mall with my credit card. our purchases come back quite different. >> bill: the judge got a chuckle out of that. what do you do about the medicaid expansion in states? the republican governors have accepted this money as well. what do you do with that, sir? >> we allow that to go on a per beneficiary basis but with the amount the state receives capped. so right now the state just passes more and more dollars to the federal taxpayer with no reason not to spend more. under this proposal they would get a per beneficiary payment. this amount per patient and then you have a budget. it is what the states do with insurance companies. the federal taxpayer does it
7:33 am
with the states. >> bill: we led into you saying that you will keep some of the more popular features of obamacare. give me a sense of what your plan would do for kids age 26 -- i shouldn't say kids. they aren't kids anymore. what do you do about the 30 million with no insurance? how are you going to cover that aspect? >> first regarding the children, we do not repeal the segment that would allow someone to stay on their parents' insurance until age 26. that was originally a republican idea, by the way, number one. number two, regarding the 30 million uninsured, we allow states to -- if someone is eligible to automatically enroll them. so think of the 28-year-old young man who doesn't really think about health insurance. now he will have a tax credit sufficient to pay for the entirety of his premium in the health savings account and enrolled. he may not know he is covered
7:34 am
until he is going to the emergency room. by including him you allow folks with more chronic disease to have their costs spread out among the healthier. that would lower premiums by 20% relative to where we are now. >> bill: one last question here. i know you are having a problem with your ear piece. we can still hear you. how much support do you have for this proposal to replace obamacare knowing that you have republicans in the senate and in the house that control the majority? >> so, this if you will -- first let me say this. president trump has said that he wants to cover everyone, to take care of those with pre-existing conditions, lower cost and eliminate mandates. there is no other way i know of to do it except by the principles in this bill. no other way. so ultimately i think we'll have the support of the president. but by the way, others recognize that, too.
7:35 am
so every republican proposal has elements, as we do. so if you will, we represent a coalescence of republican ideas and with that coalescence it may have somebody else's name on it at the end but it will represent these principles. >> bill: wow. it's a big job. we'll see it go public in 25 minutes. bill cassidy, thank you for the preview. senator from louisiana. we'll bring in judge napolitano, you saw the executive order on friday. you call it truly revolutionary. >> it says i'm the new president. those of you that are enforcing the affordable care act, mainly the departments of justice, health and human services and treasury should know it will soon no longer be the law. i don't want you to impose any fines, any setoffs, any penalties, or any taxes on it because those might not ultimately be owed.
7:36 am
then the really revolutionary part. when you have the opportunity to exercise your discretion between the needs of the individual and the needs of the government, you will exercise that discretion in favor of the individual. that is what is truly revolutionary. >> bill: it means don't enforce the law. >> it says do what you have to do. it is still the law but i want you the dial back the severity of the enforcement and i don't want you to punish a person or a state for what you think is their non-compliance because it might not be non-compliance in a couple of months. >> bill: when i hear the phrase revolutionary, the first time you've ever seen it. the first time you've ever seen an order like this. >> yes, in which the chief executive officer, the president. you will exercise your judgment against the government and in favor of the individual. that's truly revolutionary and exactly what he promised he would do.
7:37 am
>> bill: it is coming up on tax season now, right? people are collecting their paperwork and getting everything together. the irs if you haven't paid the penalty is sending out letters saying you owe x amount of dollars. now the president is saying ignore it. >> correct. do not tax somebody, charge somebody or set off on money the federal government owes a state. the rules may be different -- will be different by april 15th. >> bill: but they should proceed expecting the law to be repealed soon. is that what is said or our interpretation? >> that's what is said in the executive order without giving a date. you have senator cassidy and speaker ryan and a variety of proposals and congressman price is not installed yet. he is the lynch pin here. the congressman from ga, an orthopedic surgeon who by the end of the week i think will be the head of the department of health and social services and
7:38 am
he will have as much to say i think as the president as to what will replace. >> bill: when you get a letter from the i.r.s., what's this all about. a lot of people are going to get this thing and don't do anything. >> trump is saying don't worry about it. >> bill: new day. that's for sure. thank you, judge. breaking news right now. over to shannon for that. >> shannon: we're getting word that gop senator marco rubio is now going to support rex tillerson's nomination for secretary of state. you remember he has been one of the most vocal gop hold-outs with senators john mccain and lindsey graham. mccain saying it was not an easy call but he will support tillerson. senator graham saying that as well. a bit of the statement from marco rubio. i remain concerned in the years to come our country will not give the defense of democracy and human rights the priority they deserve and will pursue a
7:39 am
foreign policy that too often sets aside our values and our historic alliances in pursuit of flawed geopolitical deals and outlines the concerns he had about tillerson and talks about the good things that he has discussed with tillerson, the questions and answers that he did feel comfortable with and said even though he has ongoing concerns he will weigh on the side of going with the president's nominee again. marco rubio a critical vote on the senate both in committee and in the full senate vote he will support rex tillerson for secretary of state. unbelievable scene on the coast of california. rescue crews put their own lives at risk to save a pair of women who had been swept out into the ocean. plus this. >> bill: some of these protestors in the march on saturday taking aim at president trump. that was clear and obvious. were their demands fair this early in the administration? what was this all about? who was driving it? who organized it?
7:40 am
fair and balanced debate on all of that coming up right here next. >> a lot of what i heard from the march in yesterday we heard all through the election. 29 to 30 million women voted for donald trump. their voices are heard as well. they should be respected. i just thought they missed an opportunity to be about solutions. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> bill: there was a dramatic rescue off the coast of san diego, california. check it out. authorities say two women standing on the edge of a cliff and a wave knocked them into the ocean. a witness jumped in and pulled one to safety. lifeguards found the other woman after a 40-minute search. but tragically we're learning that woman died later at the hospital. so that's a tough story to report on here but there has been -- there have been storms in california and the west part of the country that have just rolled in one after another. they're going through a bit of a tough time weather-wise.
7:44 am
>> shannon: crews risk their lives and working around the clock. >> bill: yes, they are. >> shannon: the senior counselor to president trump weighing in on the marches this weekend protesting some of his policies. more than two million people participated in hundreds of rallies across the nation and around the world on saturday. senior trump counselor kellyanne conway said the protestors missed their mark. >> we respect people's first amendment rights but i didn't see the point. a day after he is uplifting and unifying and you have folks here being on a diatribe where i think they could have requested a dialogue. nobody called me and said could we have a dialogue? >> shannon: we have a contribute from "the washington examiner" and we have both of you in here. julie. it was loud and crowded. i saw it in person. i was there.
7:45 am
people were very, very passionate. but what did they accomplish? >> it is the start of a movement. by the time the tea party finished they paifshd the way for donald trump to become president. when barack obama first got elected diseffected group of people in this case i believe the largest demonstration we've seen in recent memory, i think it was about three million people who marched across the country and many more around the globe on all seven continents expressed their dissatisfaction with the direction president trump says he will take our country. >> shannon: what are you referencing there? reproductive rights or what are the top issues? >> not necessarily. i know plenty of people who marched and each had a different reason for marching. some were offended to have a president that talked about grabbing women by certain body parts which is why you saw the hats you did across the mall
7:46 am
and across the country. some of them are disaffected with his views on healthcare reform. some don't like how he will treat the environment. don't agree with every element of his policies. some were very offended by the american speech they heard on inauguration day that doesn't represent the america we know and love. >> shannon: lisa, a lot of people did think the american carnage speech represented them. but to the things that julie mentioned there, do these protestors have a valid point and they had a lot of a-list names backing them? >> let's be clear about soefmgt it wasn't a march about women. they excluded key voices from women. they excluded people -- women that believe in the right to life. so this was not a march for woman's rights. what i think it did was expose the hypocrisy of the left and media. let's start with kellyanne
7:47 am
conway. she would be a feminist icon for breaking the class ceiling if he was on the right. these women came out on saturday calling donald trump a misogynist but idolize someone with hillary clinton who stood behind her husband has she climbed the political ladder and idolize madonna who threatened terrorist activity. it is not representing all women. it's a pro-choice, pro-abortion march that only represents left wing progressives in this country. >> shannon: we all know if we stood somewhere in public and said i thought about blowing up the white house there would be a secret service visit in our future, our very near future. she says taking it out of context. i don't know how you take them out of context. >> i care about as much as what madonna has to say on an issue
7:48 am
as what ted new gent has to say. madonna, i don't listen to what she says. i don't care what she has to say. what i care about is the three million women across the country and what they have to say because they began a movement this weekend i believe that people in washington will be very wise to pay attention to. a lot of people did not take the tea party demonstrations seriously in 2009. i remember i may have been behind the curve on that, too. i took them seriously after a while and i think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle should take a careful look at what they saw across the country. it isn't going away. >> shannon: a couple of tweets from the president. one saying why didn't they get out and vote and celebrities didn't help the cause but then saying people have the right and freedom of expressions, one of the most beautiful things about america but i don't think
7:49 am
he will change any policies following the marches. >> i think donald trump is right. of course they have the right to protest and the right to march. they have the right to express their first amendment rights. but the reality is there is blatant hypocrisy. they want to criticize someone like donald trump but look at the individuals that they idolize and the signs out there and language. if that's their representation of women in america i want nothing to do with it. i think it's dishonesty. the promotional video of a woman talking about the right of her unborn baby but they couldn't care less about the right of the unborn. they didn't let pro-life women at the ma it is hypocrisy. i guarantee what we won't see from the mainstream media is the amount of attention given to the march for life this friday in our nation's capital. it is blatant hypocrisy from
7:50 am
the left and the media and they should be called on it. >> three million people show up for the march on friday the media will pay attention. >> like the attention they gave to donald trump's crowd? >> shannon: it goes underreported about what happens there generally but we'll see what happens friday. >> bill: thank you, meeting at the white house we should see president trump is about to sign executive orders today. this might be the tpp, the trans-pacific partnership that apparently we'll be instructed to begin the process of withdrawing from the tpp. once the photographers get in the oval office we'll share that with you at home. in the meantime the big game is now set. patriots, falcons, super bowl. you can only watch it here on fox. vegas has made one a favorite already. we'll tell you which team that
7:51 am
is next. >> he comes for the blitz. falcons pick it up. flag is down. julio jones with a catch still going, still inbounds. touchdown atlanta. it's not an anti-aging face cream. it's realizing beauty doesn't stop at my chin.
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roc®'s formula adapts to delicate skin areas. my fine lines here? visibly reduced in 4 weeks. chest, neck, and face cream from roc®. methods, not miracles.™
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>> bill: folks super bowl 51 is set. first from the afc and they're back, tom brady and the new england patriots defeat the pittsburgh steelers 36-17, wow. standing in their way the atlanta falcons heading for their second super bowl. matt ryan, julio jones completely shredding the green bay packers. all but two of the drives on behalf of the falcons resulted in points. super bowl 51, houston texas, game is on fox and sportscaster jim gray out of l.a.
7:55 am
good day to you. so vegas has new england a three-point favorite. do i have that right? how do you see this match-up, jim? >> that's right. well, the atlanta falcons from a terrific offense and the new england patriots have a terrific defense. the patriots have given up the least points, 15 1/2 points per game. matt ryan has been on fire. julio jones has been unstoppable. tom brady and bill belichick a record seven super bowls. think about this for a moment. of the eligible super bowls that tom brady would have had in his 16-year career this is number seven. it's almost half of the time that he has been eligible he has been playing in a super bowl. he is magnificent and coming off what he has had to deal with this year, the four-game suspension, it is unbelievable. incredible achievement.
7:56 am
>> bill: deflategate is still talked about. you know how strained the relationship is between the nfl chief and brady. >> this will harken back after a player sued the national football league and he was given it. we haven't had a seen like that for 33, 34 years. it would be an incredible sight but brady has been very dignified and classy in the way he handled it. he has deflected all questions about it. he has said he is innocent of any of those things. his play has proven it. he won in a one-court system. lost on the appeal by the league. it will be rehashed but it should not overshadow the game
7:57 am
or accomplishments of these two teams. >> bill: see it on fox. back in a moment here.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> shannon: the first part of monday is over. you made it through. >> bill: thank you. see you tomorrow everybody, here is "happening now." good-bye. ♪ >> jon: the white house taking on the news media, the very first weekend as president trump works his way through a very busy monday. welcome to "happening now," i am jon scott. >> jenna: hello, everyone. i am jenna lee. and tonight he carries out an aggressive policy agenda. after the weekend that saw skirmishes in the news media and millions of protesters across the country, let's get the word from our wide white house correspondent. >> it's going to be a major priority for this adminis


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